Regardless of the industry, any business can benefit greatly from adding an empowered apprentice to their team who's ready to learn and wants to build their skillset.

Although every business is different and each has distinct values and workplace practices, hiring an apprentice is still a great option as they will be learning to work within your business. This gives you the chance to teach them how you work and educate them on how to do things your way. To make things even easier, apprenticeship services like NZA work to pair apprentices with the most suitable host businesses.

If you’re a business considering taking on an apprentice or being a host business for apprentices, then we have some great information for you below.


To Boost Employee Retention

For both job seekers and businesses, it is hard to find the perfect fit. Often a job seeker is untrained or unqualified for a role, or a business offers services that require more experienced team members.

When you choose to take on an apprentice you’re providing them with an opportunity as well as the training they need to stay with your business. In turn, you’re providing somebody with the exact skill set needed to succeed alongside you. Typically, this results in apprentices staying on as employees and aiding your business in the future.


To Add A New Dynamic Team Member

As apprentices aren’t typical employees, you’ll be inviting a new type of team member into your workplace. One that isn’t simply in it for the money or the job, but to learn and work because they really want to do it. This will often boost positivity and motivation in the workplace and give your team the empowerment they need to continue being productive.

Your apprentice wants to learn new skills and to progress in their career, so this may prompt you to change the business workflow a little bit. Spending some extra time to go over simple and complex tasks, to teach your apprentice, will also keep you on your toes and give you a ‘refresher’ into how everything works.


To Help Out the Community

Aside from the obvious workplace benefits, hiring an apprentice also helps out your local community and puts local school leavers and graduates on a great career path. An apprenticeship is more than just about work but also learning valuable skills and knowledge to help them better themselves, improve their skillsets and succeed on their own.

Something good to think about is the fact that your business is contributing to the strengthening of a workforce and helping improve your local community’s economy.


To Gain a Different Perspective

Having little practical work experience means that your apprentice is likely to have an entirely different view on how your industry and workplace works and that may be key to you thinking up a new idea or service. Apprentices often think differently about work as they may have never done it before and that could mean that they come up with an entirely new way to complete a task that you've not thought of before.


If you like the sound of these great business benefits, feel free to reach out to NZA and become a host business for motivated apprentices today.