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Why Host an Apprentice with NZA?
Why Host an Apprentice with NZA?

Leave all paperwork to us and focus on your business.

Detailed Vetting

Know exactly who you’re adding to the team.

Aptitude Testing

Be confident apprentices are educated and ready to work.

Safety Gear

We provided the required PPE for every apprentice.

Essential Information
What are a host business’s obligations?

If you're considering becoming a host business in the NZA apprenticeship program, there’s only one simple duty you're required to undertake - the apprentice training. You're able to leave all administration and documentation tasks to the team at NZA and focus solely on your business.

Once an apprentice completes their apprenticeship with you, they should be educated in the basics of your trade, fully trained and ready to enter the industry on their own.

What does NZA do for a host business?

As the program leader, NZA will undertake a variety of processes on behalf of your business. That means we are responsible for all administrative tasks with the exception of apprentice training. Our team will be in charge of organising the completion of documents, administrative tasks, including payroll, as well as all other non-training duties.

The only tasks businesses are required to do simply revolve around providing engaging, suitable apprenticeship training and NZA will streamline all other duties.

How long is an apprenticeship?

The length of an apprenticeship will be dependent on which trade an apprentice chooses. This means that an apprenticeship can be anywhere from two to five years.

Take a look over the apprenticeship program guide for more information on the length of time an apprentice is required to work for your business. If it doesn’t work out, we can move the apprentice elsewhere.

How are apprentices evaluated?

As a business, it is expected that the person you’re provided with is capable, trustworthy and an all-around solid new team member.

All apprentices supplied by NZA undergo the same comprehensive vetting process as any typical employee would. That means any apprentice you are paired with has been thoroughly assessed and we can ensure that they are ready to tackle the job ahead.

Is there government support available?

The New Zealand Government announced a new programme called Apprenticeship Boost. This programme will be paid at $500/month for each apprentice in their first 2 years of training.

Apprenticeship Boost is available from August 2020, will run until December 2023, and employers will apply for Apprenticeship Boost through the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).

Discuss this with your representative from NZA Apprenticeships for further details.

Apprentices and Your Business

Hosting an apprentice is becoming increasingly popular for employers of all sizes and in all trades. The addition of an apprentice in your workplace is one of the most effective ways to add new talent who will work hard whilst developing their essential practical skills.

We work with businesses all across New Zealand to seamlessly provide suitable, empowered and enthusiastic apprentices for placement within your organisation. This way, you can ensure that no matter which apprentice is selected for your business, they’ll be working hard to learn because it’s what they want to do.

Choosing to take on an apprentice isn’t just going to add a capable team member, but will also future-proof your business with a hard-working employee who is trained and knows exactly how your business works.